Having my first camera at the age of 10, and a DSRL @ 15, I was capturing moments from a really young age. I got into photography more when I started High School, and was taking pictures of friends, study trips, etc. My pictures got published in the school’s yearbook, and I got other opportunities to try myself out as a freelance photographer too.

It was fascinating to see how people are interested in my artwork and enjoy it much, so I decided to keep going on – taking more pictures than ever, getting into different aspects of photography, such as the fashion, portraiture, or the story-telling sociophotography.

What I think makes my photography different from others’ is that rather than having the camera as a wall between the subject and me, I like to be part of the atmosphere. I do believe there is a story each photograph can tell, and it’s only up to the photographer whether that’ll be a short, or a long and interesting one.

On the right side, you can see the three main aspects of my photography with a brief description. In addition, I have experience as a protocol photographer too.

I’ve started blogging! You can find my blog here: http://martinsz.com/blog or by clicking the BLOG option in the menu. Feel free to drop by, I update it every other day.



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